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woot!* I accidentally ran a mile

(*click here for understanding) I have a girlfriend who has out of politeness been forced to listen to my “everyone should take up running” evangelism. And she surprised and flattered me recently with the revelation that she actually tried it and found it to be palatable. People who have never run laugh when I tell […]

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beach report

Unexpected guestsI adore my girlfriends, but from now on I will always arrive at the beach a day early; that was an awesome idea. Best part of the Day Before: I went for a run to de-stress (apparently Bad Lisa did not even go to the beach), and as I was turning in off the […]

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a runner’s toast

Some days were just made for a great run. There’s just nothing better than running in a warm gentle rain. When I set out, the sun was bright and the clouds were gorgeous. No distractions, no worries, no thoughts racing around my head. Bad Lisa did not even make a compulsory grumble. About one and […]

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